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Aesdhetic choice determines the bondings involved in the evolution of the species and the individual. EACH VOLUME IN THIS FUTURE HISTORY SERIES: What Does Wo Man Want?Exo -Psychology Neuropolitics The Intelligence Agents Game of Life HAS ATTEMPTED TO BREAK THE "GUTENBERG LOCK" Control by printers of artist's singularity.Leary's career of anticipating the movements of human consciousness. Assignment: destroy Judeo-Christian theory of creation, liquidate monotheistic architect-god 20 Genes can be turned on and off! 132 The Tarot card "Hermit" portrays your teenage barbarian neuro-technology 138 The card "Wheel of Fortune" portrays your parental-domesticated-robot neuro-technology 144 The Tarot card "Justice" portrays your dependent senior-citizen dying neuro-technology 150 Part III Tarot cards 13-24 portray the twelve futant castes (species) of post-terrestrial evolution 161 "The Hanging Man" portrays your body-rapture, hedonic consumer intelligence: the neuro-technology of self-indulgence 164 "The Skeleton-Horse" portrays your proud self-actualized artist control of your own body-sensations 172 "Temperance" portrays your neuro-technology for escaping the body by fusion with another 178 "Devil" portrays your brain-reward reality consumer neuro-technology 190 "Tower" portrays your self-actualized brain-control-reality-director neuro-technology 198 "Star" portrays your neuro-technology for brain-brain link-up 206 "Moon" portrays your racist super-man-iac sperm intelligence 220 "Sun" portrays egg wisdom, evolution intelligence, Gaia consciousness 230 "Judgement" portrays your DNA-technology for fusing consciously to create new species 248 "Starmaker" portrays your self-indulgent, hedonic-consumer use of quantum gravitational energies 268 "Universe" portrays your nuclear-quantum intelligence fabricating the galaxy 274 The "Violet Hole" Card portrays your neuro-technology for understanding and participating in the voyage back into the mouth of the ulti-mate intelligence 282 THIS BOOK, THE GAME OF LIFE AIMS TO ACTIKATE THE BRAIN CIRCUITS WHICH ARE ENGAGED BY THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER The National Enquirer is the largest publication in the world.And your success in surfing the evolutionary waves to come may be dependent on the ex- tent to which you understand the concepts presented here. Leary's work, I'll give you George Koopman's advice: read each sentence as though it were a paragraph. It combines shocking- scandal with a vulgar, teasing appeal to those genetic solutions which the American gene -pool expects science to provide: contact with Post-terrestrial Intelligence (U. O.s) rejuvenation, life-extension, aids to health and beauty genetic control (cloning) The National Enquirer is low-down and far out. THIS BOOK ALSO ATTEMPTS TO BE SHOCKING, LOW-DOWN AND FAR-OUT WITH SCIENTIFIC PRECISION AND PHILOSOPHIC ELEGANCE THE MARGINAL INSERTS AND CARTOON ASIDBS REPRESENT A VALIANT ATTEMPT TO WRENCH THE "FINAL CUT" AWAY FROM THE PRINTER'S CONTROL TO ALLOW THE AUTHORS AND AVAILABLE CRITICS TO HAVE THE LAST WORD BEFORE THE BOOK IS PRESSED FROZEN.1 INTELLIGENCE CLUES SOUGHT Human beings come in very different models, wired with different brain circuits. It is time we had some answers to these riddles beyond the pompous (and unproven) dogmas of larval religion, the bland no-answer of Zen, or the humorous resignation of the wit who wrote: We're here because we're here because we're here because we're here.Exo-Psychology suggests that a rudimentary understanding of the operation and management of the nervous system would clarify and enlighten every aspect of life- allowing human beings to decode the answers to the basic genetic questions: why are we here? And our answer must begin with examination of the instrument of investigation itself: the human brain. Nobody but the most naive would claim that a dog perceives the same room as his human companion.WE HOPE THAT THE AESTHETIC COMPLICATIONS DO NOT HIDE THE FACT THAT THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT COMMUNICATION OF INFORMATION EVER PUBLISHED.

Jt TIMOTHY LEARY EXO-PSYCHOLOGY A MANUAL ON THE USE OF THE HUMAN NERVOUS SYSTEM ACCORDING TO THE INSTRUCTIONS OF THE MANUFACTURERS A description of the neuro-genetic blueprints which program and direct evolution, and the circuits of the nervous system, their function and the sequential nature of their emergence in the individual (and the species) is presented in the book Exo- Psychology: Manual for the Use of the Nervous System According to the Instructions of the Manufacturers.Let Neuro-Geology be, for example, the study of how our knowledge of geological processes is limited and directed by the capacities of the evolving nervous system and how the nervous system is formed and influenced by geological forces.Let Neuro-Physics be the study of how our knowledge of atomic and nuclear processes is limited and guided by the capacities of the evolving nervous system, by the genetic templating, by the neural imprinting and conditioning of the scientists who study these processes; and how the nervous system is formed and influenced by physical forces. If you put these two ideas together, you can see the possibility that, from a genetic point of view, a whole species might experience periods of great suggestibility during which it might make great leaps ahead in intelligence learn to make fire, develop a planetary perspective. Neuropolitique: A Re-Vision of Neuropolitics by Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson Cosmic Trigger: Final Secret of the Illuminati by Robert Anton Wilson Cosmic Trigger II: Down to Earth by Robert Anton Wilson Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson Quantum Psychology by Robert Anton Wilson Sex and Drugs: A Journey Beyond Limits by Robert Anton Wilson Ishtar Rising by Robert Anton Wilson The New Inquisition by Robert Anton Wilson Coincidance by Robert Anton Wilson Undoing Yourself With Energized Meditation (Fifth Edition) by Christopher S. Marshall Klaus of Cleveland and psychologist Donna Kontos of Toronto, who appear to be amassing evidence that human infants (and mothers) experience a period of heightened suggestibility following birth in which both baby and mother will imprint each other as love/care objects or in which both gain the impression, through hospital pro- cedures, that the other is not really there for hir.

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