Problems validating windows

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This is a classic bring-your-own-device network, think university halls of residence.

The user will be logged in locally when they click connect.

This is from the Free RADIUS documentation but I expect it is equal valid for the Microsoft implementation: In general, you should use self-signed certificates for 802.1x (EAP) authentication.

When you list root CAs from other organizations in the "CA_file", you permit them to masquerade as you, to authenticate your users, and to issue client certificates for EAP-TLS. It is easy enough to distribute certificates using GPOs. Baring that, do your own star certificate (that is signed by a Root CA), you could sign your RADIUS server's certificate with?

In production I learned pretty quickly that Windows didn't like it at all.

This week when I get in, I notice that my phone can not connect to the wireless.

Then my Windows 10 laptop could not connect (both have connected before).

I would take that to mean that you cannot use a direct IP address to get at your radius server, less the certificate not be able to validate. need to distribute your RADIUS server's certificate (if it was self-signed) or the certificate of the Certificate Authority that signed it to your clients.

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