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It is also quite possible that the Duchess is still breastfeeding 16-week-old Charlotte and was therefore unwilling to interrupt her routine by having to fit the nursing schedule around a wedding that would have meant a 650-mile round-trip.

Like many mothers, she has found breastfeeding at times difficult and tiring — that was especially the case with George.

‘She knows how to handle him and she lets him have his head from time to time to blow off steam,’ says one of her loyal circle.

‘And remember, her sister was there, too.’But she attended none in the two years after they married and is thought to have been to only three since — the wedding in 2013 of polo player Mark Tomlinson to Olympic horsewoman Laura Bechtolsheimer in the Swiss resort of Arosa; that of the Prince’s long-time friend William van Cutsem to Rosie Ruck Keene (William’s old flame); and that of friends Tom Eaves and Libby Keir in London last year.

On the face of it, none of them was especially provocative and some seemed eminently sensible.

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According to NASA, there are three sources that give rise to space radiation.‘One of our biggest challenges on a mission to Mars is protecting astronauts from radiation,’ said NASA Space Radiation Element Scientist Lisa Simonsen, Ph D.‘You can’t see it; you can’t feel it.The phrase first surfaced not long after Prince William and the then Kate Middleton were engaged following their eight-year courtship.It was used to describe an initiative of William’s to ensure his fiancee never endured the kind of treatment meted out to his mother, Princess Diana.NASA scientists are now working to determine just how this radiation affects the human body, and develop ways to protect against the violent ‘nuclear collisions’ that occur as high-energy particles slam into shielding and human tissue.An artist's impression is pictured Space is home to particle radiation.

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