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I once saw a couple in Barbours and green wellies spraying aerosol mud on their Land Rover before posing through Chelsea. You couldn't get me in a hat when i was a kid or teen.

I wouldn't dream of wearing one till i started working out doors all day all year long, i was already twenty five.

Hard to get these days though there is a local hat maker here who makes one - called a Kingsman I think. Peter, you're admission about the scrooge hat was probably too much information.

:-) Location: Seacoast NH Subject: hats I'd always noted how the OQ seemed pretty fond of hats.

Trump is not coming because he said he doesn't like it. My opinion has always been that is what he wants, and that he expected to lose the election, but to create mayhem after he lost.....

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You used to be able to get imitation Barbour jackets. Then they became part of the "Young Fogie" country gent look along with green wellies.Paul Jones is 75 (and looks about 50) so maybe he's happy to call it a day, but there's a whole generation of blues fans devoted to that show because of Paul Jones.Web: My link Subject: The Full Monty I'd say the best-known version of "You can Leave Your Hat On" is the Tom Jones cover version used in The Full Monty film, and it's a song he always does live.Plus isn't there some story that Roger Waters told at Love for Levon about a ballcap that L gave him? Peter, I'm in your league, the very follically-challenged; so, have been wearing hats for years.Isn't there a Bobby Blue Bland song about "you can leave your hat on". Plus, being a carpenter, they help hold the pencil up there, way better than just your ear.

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