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They have done things that look suspiciously couple-y, like partying in Mykonos until daybreak and doing face masks, prompting much of the Korean media to speculate whether they were together back in late October. His name is Je-yong Ha, his Instagram handle is “Korean Hulk,” and we know more about his lifting stats than his actual biography. According to an arm-wrestling video from the Korean Armwrestling Federation posted about a month ago, he’s 29 years old, ranked ninth in the country, and shaped like a teapot.

We know you have questions, and we sort of have answers, so let’s get this going. He weighs 110 kg (242.5 pounds), stands 165 cm (five-foot-four), with biceps 56 cm (22 inches) in girth.

)과 행동도 하는 Lindsay 랍니다 ^^ A post shared by Je-yong Ha (@koreanhulk) on , a “source close to Lohan” told the writer, “Lol they are 100% not dating at all.

They’re just friends.” Korean media were suspicious of the idea that the two were dating back in October, pointing out that while Lohan has made multiple appearances on his Instagram, he never made it onto hers.

“Extra” caught up with Lindsay Lohan in NYC at the Daily Mail and Daily Mail TV’s Unwrap the Holidays party where she discussed Harvey Weinstein, her new life in Dubai, catching up with family and recent romance rumors. Family is a wonderful thing.” The actress said she is looking forward to dinner with her family this holiday season and revealing she loves to cook, “Jamie Oliver taught my English chicken pot pie so that’s my plan for the holiday.” Lindsay also cleared up the rumors she is dating Korean body builder Je-yong Ha after photos of the two of them surfaced. ” She said she is single now, “You can’t look for love it just happens.

알고봤더니...고아였던 이 아이는 누군가에 의해 고용이 되었던거고, 그 누군가를 위해서 어린 나이에 마냥 기계처럼 구걸을 하고있는 거였죠.The 31-year-old now resides in Dubai, and says, “I feel safe.” She explained why she is happy there, “There was a lot of times in America where it was very hard for me to have my own time for myself, I really have an opportunity now to really focus on who I am as a person… She added, “There’s a calmness, there’s a stillness that I didn’t have in the past.” Lindsay continued, “Life is moving good, it’s fast but in a good calmer way.” She has various projects in the works as well. I was just with Ed Sheeran in Dubai, I’m going to hunt him down and try.” She is also working on getting back into movies, “There’s a script that I am working on, ‘The Honeymoon,’ which is a book I’m adapting into a film.” The star is getting into beauty too, “I’m doing lipstick, fragrance.” Lohan was with her mom Dina at the event, “I love being with my mom, she is an amazing woman.” She is happy to be home with family, “It’s so funny being with them these past few days it’s like I never left. compiled a bunch of Instagram photos (and added one very curiously Photoshopped lead image) of Lindsay Lohan with a very buff Korean man with the headline: “Lindsay Lohan Is Dating a Massive Korean Billionaire Arm Wrestling Bodybuilder.” Naturally, we lost our minds, and since then have tried to determine how much of this headline is actually verifiable. ) After some research, all we can confidently say is that a very strong Korean man named Je-yong Ha hangs out a lot with star Lindsay Lohan.(He says his personal best is 260 kg.) Other than that, he shills for a company called Mate M Box, which is basically a private karaoke room set up like a recording studio, where you can sing into a mic with headphones on like you were the next Insooni. We can’t say that he’s a billionaire, but he’s very much into the conspicuous consumption of the nouveau riche.He does promotional events at their various locations where a bystander will try to arm wrestle him. (If they can survive five seconds, they get a box of black-raspberry juice.) You might think that’s a weird brand collaboration, but in Korea anyone can sell anything. He eats truffle pizzas, pasta heaping with caviar, poses with Bugattis, and buys Gauguin paintings.

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