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Mark Zarbailov, 17, has been trained to teach the language to other young people."We must save the culture that makes us Jewish," he said. Many of the exiles who have returned have built their vast, ugly homes then disappeared back to the West, never to be seen again.Lured by the prospect of better wages and an easier life, young Jews are fleeing abroad, raising fears that the community could dwindle and die.Krasnaya Sloboda is the last stronghold of the Caucasus Mountain Jews, or Juhuro, a distinct ethnic group thought to be descended from the Lost Tribes that left Israel after the destruction of the first temple in 722bc.It's all gone."Before 1917, Krasnaya Sloboda was a thriving community of skilled leather workers and other tradesmen.

The Tat language is spoken by the Muslim Tats of Azerbaijan, a group to which the Mountain Jews were mistakenly considered to belong during the era of Soviet historiography though the languages probably originated in the same region of the Persian empire.

About 110,000 Juhuro exiles now live in America, Israel and Europe, compared with the decreasing 25,000 who remain in the Caucasus. If I could I would stay, but I just can't survive."The exodus from Krasnaya Sloboda has produced some outward signs of recovery.

Although the average working person in Krasnaya Sloboda ekes out a living on 25,000 manats (£30) a month, Yakubov can clear thousands of pounds on every deal. A handful of millionaire emigrants are returning to build palatial houses, lavishly decorated with Stars of David.

The Jewish Agency for Israel, which helps Jews to leave areas where they experience anti-Semitism, estimates that 10 per cent of Dagestan's 10,000 scattered Juhuro will leave by the end of the year.

The Juhuro of Krasnaya Sloboda are treated well by the overwhelmingly Muslim population of Azerbaijan.

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