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The virus was initially notable because it was an adaptation of a cyber tool to hack Windows that had been developed by, and then stolen from, the U. It was just a few lines of code, but it has appeared only in one other known place: hacking tools created by the Lazarus Group. The connection to the Lazarus Group so far is only tentative, researchers caution, suggesting that it’s possible the code was inserted as a “false flag” to throw off investigators. S., still in the beginning stages of their investigations, have not named the Lazarus Group or North Korea as a suspect.But “with a group like Lazarus, where we have a long history,” said Eric Chien, a technical director at the Mountain View, Calif.-based Internet security firm Symantec, “I would suspect that within a couple of weeks we should be able to rule them in or rule them out.”The hacker group was identified and given a name in a collaborative investigation published in February 2016 called “Operation Blockbuster,” which was undertaken by several cybersecurity companies seeking to examine the perpetrators of the 2014 Sony hack.“They may come up with an idea and say, ‘Let’s go do it.’”ALSOThey predicted the 'Wanna Cry' ransomware cyberattack, so how come few listened?

“Lazarus Group has been active constantly,” said Chien of Symantec. security officials have dropped hints that they think North Korea might be behind the financial attacks in addition to the Sony hack, citing private-sector research work.“If that attribution is true …

A 2011 attack that tried to shut down South Korean network broadcast companies and banks.

A 2012 attack on a right-wing South Korean newspaper.

The invisible thieves made off with million before officials halted the geyser of cash.

The attack’s audacity, and the weaknesses it exposed, stunned bankers and financial regulators.

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