Invalidating a session in jsf

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So overall architecture is – JSF 2.0 Prime Faces UI Components - CREATE TABLE `userinfo` ( `id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment, `user` varchar(45) NOT NULL, `pass` varchar(45) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`id`) ); INSERT INTO `userinfo` (`id`,`username`,`password`) VALUES (1,'admin','123'); package beans; import dao. Http Session; @Managed Bean(name = "login Bean") @Session Scoped /** * * @author User */ public class Login Bean implements Serializable package filters; import But when I originally wrote that blog code (back in 1999), I had no interest in tracking visitors (and I personally still don't).Earlier this year I wrote an application for a client using JSF and JAAS, but unfortunately I don't remember if we did anything to access the servlet session.If create is false and the request has no valid Http Session, this method returns null.method, and test to see if that session reference you get back is null.

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I think they have fixed vulnerability Web Logic console only.Web Logic console being a web application it also vulnerable.However fundamental defect is in the authentication framework. I am always trying my best to share my knowledge through my blog. I am a self learner and passionate about training and writing.

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