Cops dating cops

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The STAR understands that a police party was conducting a 'snap raid' when they were fired on by gunmen.

The fire was returned and a man, who was later identified as Duppy Film, was found suffering from gunshot wounds.

He played his part so well members of the gamed Gambino crime family took him in and made him a top member in their administration.

In 2008, he released an autobiography which was adapted into a film that as of April 2017 has not been released.

Thanks to their lengthy - and bloody - investigation, a multi-agency task force raided dogfighting and breeding operations in eight states, resulting in the arrest of 26 dogfighters and the seizure of more than 500 pit bulls.

His investigation resulted in the conviction of 32 gangsters, including several key members of the family.

Concurrently, Garcia posed as a different New York-based mobster and concluded a three-year FBI sting in Florida that brought down four dirty cops.

To curb a wave of truck hijackings in New York City that averaged five a day, the FBI transferred Joseph D.

Pistone to the city and set him up with a fake identity as a small-time jewel thief named "Donnie Brasco." For five years, Pistone hung around locations frequented by the Bonanno crime family believed to be behind the hijackings, making himself known but keeping a low profile so as to not raise suspicion.

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