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On the way home the 2 of them kept reminiscing about the good old days, and I just sort of tuned out and concentrated on how horny I was and how wet my pussy was getting. The guys grabbed the bags out of the trunk, and I walked up the porch to the front door.

I took out my keys and pretended to fumble with the lock for a minute, until I saw them coming up the porch stairs.

Without being obvious about it, I crossed my ankles and spread my knees, giving Tim an even better view, and I'm sure he could see how shiny and wet my pussy was by now.

As Mark got up to get the grass, he asked Tim to join us on the couch so it would be easier to share the joint.

I hear it's the best cure for jet lag." Tim said he'd love to, and as he did, I noticed that he was staring between my legs.

As I sat on the couch, my already short skirt had slid up, giving Tim a good view of my pussy.

I don't think I'd ever seen Mark look so excited, and that excitement, combined with the excitement I always feel when a wear a slutty outfit, had me feeling horny as hell!

I had seen photos of him before, but they did not come close to doing him justice. with a muscular build, and he looked like a young Robert Redford! He ran up and gave Mark a big hug, then turned to me, looked me up and down, and said to Mark, "Holy shit, how did you ever trick such a sexy, gorgeous woman into marrying you!

Mark chose Tim to be his best man and Tim flew in to Toronto from Vancouver a week before the wedding so they could spend some time together.

At that point, Mark and I were already living together, and although Tim said he was happy to stay at a hotel, Mark insisted he stay with us for the week.

I went with Mark to pick Tim up at the airport, and Mark asked me to dress up in a very sexy outfit, because he said that he wanted to show me off in front of Tim.

Although we had never had any sex with anyone else since we'd started dating.

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