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Shane, on the left, made the fewest movies and was the least attractive.

A female friend I know briefly dated Shane when he lived in Vegas.

Hal (the one in the center) was the hottest--unbelievable body for the era (the mid 90s).

Anyway they seem like great guys so I wish them the best and don't think it's nice to harass them about their nearly 20 year old pasts if they prefer to move on and forget about it. Vince always seemed hungry and ready in all his scenes, Hal actually had passion in many of his scenes, and was clearly turned on with certain partners.It must be weird when the brothers get together now for their parents' funerals, knowing that they all fucked Derek Cameron together, with each brother holding his ass for another. I remember reading somewhere back in the 90s that Hal and Vince were brothers but Shane was actually their cousin. I was always fascinated by them when I was at peak porn interest (18-24) I always figured they weren't really brothers. At one point, Hal is sort of "forced" to put a guy's dick in his mouth at a bar.The father's obituary referenced above, though, would indicate that all three are in fact brothers. The first porn I remember downloading on AOL was the photo shoot from which the OP's pic originated. There was something erotic about it because in the rest of the movie he is a total "I only fuck" type.She said Helmut (Hal) was the most beautiful man she'd ever seen.While trying to use Google to find out the Rockland brothers' real names, I found this fascinating DL thread from 2008, where Hal Rockland was supposed to be dating an A-lister, and everybody guessed it was Keanu Reeves (who was an A-lister back then).

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